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Transport Fabric Washer / Cleaner

Product code: 2460006

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Product description

This Fabric washer / cleaning machine ensures thorough cleaning of Transport fabrics. Soil, leaves, plant residues and other organic pollution are washed out of the fabric using brushes, scrapers and sprayers. Cleaning and disinfection of the transport fabric reduces the risk of possible virus transmission via the transport fabric, especially in vegetable nurseries and breeding companies.

Washing / cleaning the Transport Fabric

The washing / cleaning of crop clearance fabric needs to be done thoroughly in order to remove all plant residues, plant juices and other organic material as much as possible. Viruses and plant diseases nest in these materials and it is therefore essential that the pollution is removed as much as possible. In order to do this thoroughly, the canvas washers are equipped with an arsenal of sprayers, brushes and scrapers.

Washing Process

The fabric washing process is composed of various, synchronized cleaning processes steps, which together ensure the best result:

  • 2-sided spraying by 6 spray booms with spray nozzles
  • 2-sided mechanical scraping
  • 2-sided brushing and spreading with 6 professional wash brushes with different functions
  • constant, stepless adjustable fabric (canvas) speed over the entire length of the fabric for an optimal washing result
  • automatic alignment system for perfectly straight and fold-free rolling up of the fabric
  • optionally available with 2 pcs high pressure boom including high pressure pump set
  • optional disinfection unit.
Constant speed washing process

The process speed of the fabric is controlled and kept constant. This ensures that the fabric is washed at the same speed over its entire length. The fabric speed is stepless adjustable to the degree of pollution.

Disinfection / sanitizing Transport Fabric

The fabric washer is optionally equipped with a disinfection unit. In the last phase of the washing process, the crop c


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