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Transport Fabric 1m² black 150gr/m² *

Product code: 4418772

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Product description

This Transport Fabric (crop clearance, foliage removal, mypex) is used for the mechanical removal of a.o. horticultural crops, substrates or ground cover. These transport fabrics are specifically woven to cope with the high forces of crop shredders and crop clearing machinery. The lengthwise direction of the crop clearance fabric is more densely woven than the width direction and the edges of the crop clearance fabric are reinforced. This structure causes the fabric to form a "gutter" when it is pulled in by a crop rotation machine. The material on the crop rotation fabric is therefore directed to the center of the fabric. Weterings transport fabrics have an extremely high tensile strength and a unique composition in order to guarantee reliability during the crop rotation.

High force resistant fabric

With a tensile strength of 39 kN/m (50kN by 1,30m wide) this is the perfect fabric for even the toughest conditions. The dense structure of the fabric ensures a high resistance against perforation. In addition, this fabric is 100% recyclable. The standard width for this F150 black fabric is 130cm. The minimum required length is determined by adding 10 meters overlength to the maximum row length of the greenhouse, farm or nursery.

Steel core

The fabric is rolled up on steel cores, which are equipped with "carrying pins". The length of these cores is standard 1500mm, which makes them suitable for all Weterings crop rotation machines.

Cleaning and disinfecting transport fabrics

In case the transport canvas is used in various locations we advice to pay special attention to the hygiene of the foliage removal fabric. During use, the crop clearance fabric becomes polluted with plant juices, plant residues and other organic materials. In order to eliminate any diseases, bacteria and viruses that may be present on crop clearance fabrics, one can thoroughly clean and disinfect the mypex using a

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