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Bio Hopper EXTF

Product code: 2460030

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Product description

The Bio Hopper EXTF is built for cleaning out large horticultural volumes such as strawberries on coir, or substrates such as coco and perlite, or tomato leaf in greenhouses. This Bio Hopper rolls up the tarps on which the material is pulled to the machine. The material is then picked up by the extra long conveyor belt, which dumps it into a tipping trailer or dumper, allowing large volumes to be removed from the glasshouse clean and simple.

For straight rolling up of the canvas, the EXTF is equipped with an independent steering unit, leaving only the roller to swing, and leaving the machine stationary. The feeder belt is hydraulically foldable, so that the required space for storage or transportation is minimal.

The Bio Hopper is equipped with a PTO-driven hydraulic unit. A 40 HP tractor is sufficiënt for propelling of the Bio Hopper EXTF. The electrically switched safetydoors ensure a safe working environment.



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