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Factory Cat GTX Floor Scrubber

Product code: 2160110

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Product description

The Factory Cat seat scrubbers all have a heavy steel chassis. In addition, protective rollers have been placed in crucial places to protect both the wall and the machine. Each Factory Cat has adjustable brush pressure so the floor can be cleaned more thoroughly and faster. A 36Volt system with large battery pack ensures longer working time on a full battery. With an adjustable steering wheel/chair, a Factory Cat seat scrubber is an ergonomic workplace. Four models with two scrubbing systems and different working widths always offer the right solution for every application.

The seat scrubbers have the following options as standard:

Dirt tray
Prevents blockages and leaks.

Float system
Simple float ball without electronics.

Tiltable tanks
Good rinsing ability and service accessibility.

Ergonomic filling
With bucket/hose or integrated filling hose for each tap.

Heavy steel chassis
Carries and protects machine.

Rear bumper
Protects the squeegee from collision damage.

Large solid wheels
Driving comfort without punctures.

Adjustable seat and handlebar
Comfortable sit/steer position.

Steel steering column
Protects the driver's legs.

Large battery compartment
Extra long working hours.

Not marking rollers
Protects machine and wall and stripes less.

Suction motor protection
Unique concept protects the suction motor and ensures low noise level.


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