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RW260TW Grader (4 Wheels)

Product code: 1106260

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Product description

The 260TW grader is a very smooth working levelling board for the levelling (horizontal) or grading (on slope) of soil in greenhouses and nurseries, the construction of sports fields and artificial turf fields, groundwork in road and hydraulic engineering, etc. This grader has a barge width of 2600mm and can be built completely according to your wishes by means of various options.

Three-point hitch

In the base, the levelling board is pulled by means of a drawbar. With a three-point hitch the grader can be lifted. This makes it possible to make short turns, drive backwards at high speed and easily move piles of soil.

Three-point tow hook

This three-point tow hook can be used to connect the grader to any tractor, or wheel loader. With this option the grader can be used either as a towed implement or in a three-point hitch.

Hydraulic doors

The doors of the grader are manually adjustedas standard. In the hydraulic version it can be operated from the tractor by means of switches. When combined with a tracer, the doors can be controlled automatically.

Independent wheel suspension

The optional independent wheel suspension (tumbling wheels), ensures maximum contact surface with the ground. As a result, larger bumps such as stones and potholes are flattened, allowing faster working towards the end result. The independent wheel suspension is particularly indispensable in the construction of sports fields.

Laser control

The Sollido laser control is very user friendly and contains several automatic functions, which makes it easy to work towards a perfect end result. This advanced Sollido laser control is specifically developed for Weterings graders and levelers. This fully automatic control system delivers a very high accuracy. This laser control has a very user friendly and logical interface. In combination with the LS3000 laser receivers this system is insensitive to reflections.


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