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Bio Hopper Compact EXT

Product code: 0752015

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Product description

The Bio Hopper EXT crop removal machine is designed to speed up the crop change. The time for clearing crops, leaf debris, rockwool and substrate slabs is reduced to a minimum with this crop change machine. The extra height of the discharge conveyor provides space to work with large containers. Combined with the 6800 liter tipping container, a row of 120 meters of large volume tomato foliage is easily disposed in one container.

Powerful drive system

This EXT crop cleanout machine is driven by a powerful 55kW stage V Hatz diesel engine, which enables high working speeds. The efficiency in the logistics of the crop waste or the substrate slabs is the limiting factor for the eventual working speed.

Safe and efficient

The machine is equipped with high class safety features, with full shielding of the Transport fabric winders. Combined with the safety doors and emergency stops, this machine offers the highest level of safety without any loss of efficiency!

Independent fabric steering

This Bio Hopper is equipped with independent fabric steering units for perfectly straight and fold-free winding of the transport mat. The machine remains in a fixed position.

Quality to the detail

The robust remote control is convenient to hold and has a pleasant layout. Combined with the proportional hydraulics on the machine, the whole delivers a very smooth, predictable operation of the process. The conveyor belt is of very high quality and equipped with steel cross pins. The cross pins make the belt insensitive to any possible damage, so that the job can always be finished.

Tipping container or leaf clamp

Driving out of the crop waste can be done using large tipping containers or a leaf clamp combined with a towed container. The advantage of the leaf clamps that the clearing process is continuous, as one doesn't have to wait for an empty container.



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