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Bio Chopper Compact TI530 Shredder

Product code: 0751851

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Product description

Weterings Machinery has over 30 years of experience in development and production of crop shredding machines. These "Bio Choppers" were mainly built for (Dutch) contractors. Efficiency, speed and reliability are keywords for these machines.

Weterings used this experience for the development of compact Bio Choppers. Eventhough, this machine is specifically designed for personal use by growers, horticultural contractors have also found it to be an excellent machine.

The Bio Chopper Compact TI530 is a highly efficient shredder for shredding all kinds of crops, such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, strawberries, raspberries (including coco substrate) and more. The crop volume is reduced to approximately 20% of the original volume. This way cleaning out crops requires a lot less labor and transport movements .

The machine works with transport canvas on which the crop is placed. It rolls up the canvas and pulls in the stems. The crop is then shredded or chopped, after which the crop waste is dumped into a tipping container. The container can be emptied by a forklift.

The Bio Chopper Compact has a user friendly interface, is easy to maintain and has a capacity of 2.500-5.000 m2/hour (depending on the circumstances). This machine includes an auto-sharpener for the knife-blades, an hydraulic system to open up the machine which makes maintenance and cleaning easy, a swivable discharge unit, an optional metal detector to avoid damage to the knife-blades, and other impressive features. It's compact dimensions make this machine ideal for tight situations.

Weterings Bio Choppers are provided with various advanced safety functions, which lead to the highest level of safety. These crop shredders are used worldwide and have the approval of various governments and inspection authorities.



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