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Bio Chopper RZE Electric Crop Shredder

Product code: 0751650

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Product description

This electrically driven Bio Chopper allows you to perform the crop rotation completely emission free. This shredder is particularly suitable for the shredding of all kinds of horticultural crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers or eggplants. In horticultural companies where exhaust gasses are unacceptable, such as nurseries and breeding farms, this electric Bio Chopper is the perfect solution for an emission-free crop rotation.

Simplicity and safety

This machine is equipped with a robust remote control with clear controls for processing of the crop. Moving and positioning the Bio Chopper is effortless with the integrated pallet lifter. In addition, the entire machine is equipped with the highest level of safety features. Maintenance is easy and reduced to a minimum, thanks to the electric drive.

Flexible and functional

The discharge tube can be rotated 360 degrees, so that the waste can be discharged on both sides of the machine. The pallet lifter can also be placed on both sides of the machine. Its compact dimensions allow easy maneuvering in narrow corridors and cultivation compartments.

Impressive features

The shredding unit is equipped with an automatic sharpening unit and is easy to access (automatic opening/closing) for inspection, maintenance and cleaning. The optional metal detection prevents any damage to the blades from gutter hooks and other iron parts in the crop.

Stationary shredding unit

Besides the crop rotation, this Bio Chopper is perfectly usable as a stationary shredding unit. During the growing season one can easily reduce leaf waste, sorting waste and other crop residues with this shredder. By combining it with an infeed buffer, the waste can be collected in containers and emptied into the infeed buffer. By doing so, the waste volume is greatly reduced.



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