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WCR Hose Reel 335mm Ø1" (Double Dosatron D3RE2+BP)(Booster Pump type 1)

Product code: 0500534

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Product description

The Weri Compact Roller (WCR) is a multifunctional remote-controlled hose reel. This reel is fitted with a double Dosatron with double 60-litre storage tanks. This reel is used for cleaning, disinfection and disinfestation in places such as flower and plant nurseries.

The reel freewheels during the unwinding of the hose. The remote control is used to switch the automated rolling up of the hose on and off, thus dragging hoses and walking back and forth belong to the past.

The WCR is equipped with a powerful drive with a stepless adjustable speed. The hose guide ensures neatly rolling up and more durability of the hose. The robust construction and high quality components guarantee years of troublefree working.

To prevent damage to the crop in case of narrow paths, this reel is equipped with "centring stamps". The hose guide can be fixed on the path, allowing the trolley to move back and forth. The WCR can also be fitted with various options, including a wider drum, various drives, hoses, spray guns, etc.

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