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Donkey STU-21

Product code: 0352200

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Product description

This is the new Donkey STU-21. The STU-21 is a "stand" version of the regular Donkey and is slightly more compact. The platform is equipped with a switch for safe driving. On the display all data can be read easily. As the name suggests this is a robust, compact and very strong electric tractor to tow loads, such as harvest carts, Danish trolleys, auction carts and other internal transport in greenhouses. This electric tractor is very suitable for internal transport in flower and plant nurseries, vegetable nurseries, distribution companies, airports, etc.

Characteristic of this trike is the very small turning radius of less than 200 cm. It can turn around its own axis with ease on a path of 2.40 m wide! The Donkey is fully constructed of steel, so it doesn't suffer from any cracked or broken plastic due to a steering error.

The donkey has an extremely durable rearwheel drive with differential, which is guaranteed to last in even the toughest greenhouse conditions.

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