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Weterings graders are highly flexible levelling machines for levelling (horizontally) or grading (on slope) of soil in horticultural greenhouses and nurseries, the construction of sports fields, turf fields and golf courses, earthworks in civil engineering, horse riding centres, etc. These box graders excel in their flawless and extremely fast operation, in which years of experience have formed the base. The refined curve of the grader box, the position of the front blade and the balance in the machine ensure perfect scraping and rolling of the soil. Combined with the Sollido laser control and the advanced proportionally controlled hydraulics, it delivers unrivalled performance in terms of speed, quality and user-friendliness.

Three-point hitch or towed grader

Weterings box graders are produced entirely to the wishes and situation of the customer, in which many options are available. The grader is optionally equipped with a three-point hitch, which allows the levelling board to be lifted. This enables you to make short turns, drive backwards at high speed and easily move piles of soil. This is often used in horticultural greenhouse and enclosed areas.

Independent wheel suspension

The optional independent wheel suspension (tumbling wheels) ensures maximum contact surface with the ground. As a result, larger irregularities, such as stones and potholes are absorbed, allowing faster working towards the end-result. The independent wheel suspension is in particular ideal for the construction of sports fields.

Laser Control

The laser control system is specifically developed for Weterings graders and levellers. This fully automatic finishing system delivers a supreme degree of accuracy. The laser control interface is very user-friendly due to its logical operation and various automatic grader functions. This enables you to easily work towards a perfect end result. Combined with the LS3000 laser receivers, this system is insensitive to reflections from glass in greenhouses and glasshousese, which guarantees a perfect result in all conditions.

Levellers for any situation

Selecting the most suitable grader depends on the type of tractor which will be used. The capacity and track width (outer dimensions of wheels) are the limiting factors for the size of the grader. A general rule the minimum working width is: outer dimensions rear tyres + 200mm. Please contact one of our specialists for proper advice.

Tailor-made solution? read all about the comprehensive customisation possibilities.